Small Changes: Use Powerstrips

Small Changes will be the little things that I find around the house that I can do to improve both my green footprint and my wallet.

One easy, little change  that I can make is to set up a charging station for my cell phone, Garmin Forerunner, iPod, camera batteries using a power strip and remember to turn off my “entertainment center” power strip when I leave the house.  I can plug in these items when they need to be recharged and then turn off the the entire strip.

It had never occurred to me that my chargers are still sucking up electricity when they are still plugged in.  Additionally, any item that has a clock, flashing light, or that is on standby is still “on” and sucking up energy. I’m looking at my stereo’s green flashing light right now. That’s on all day and night when I’m not using it. I don’t know if it’s enough to see any sort of change financially, but it’s worth checking out and does not really take that much more energy.

More Info:

Do have a “charging” station? Did you find that it greatly effected your electric bill?

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