Sheryl Crow’s Eco-Friendly Concert Rider

The Smoking Gun has an article with Sheryl Crow’s concert rider. In the rider are the usual details regarding the setup of lights and her set per the usual. She also offers promoters “greening suggestions” which include such things as swapping out traditional light bulbs and using eco-friendly paper products in addition to nontoxic cleaning products.

Her rider continues with the items that are necessary for her hospitality room:

The singer needs an assortment of “biodegradable non-petroleum cups” and 24 “disposable napkins made of 100% recycled fiber.” Crow’s rider also lists a wide variety of drinks and snacks that she needs, including organic coconut water and two bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon (“Sheryl’s Favorite” is Stag’s Leap Artemis). Two “good quality, dark, organic chocolate bars” are described as “***VERY IMPORTANT***”

None of these items sound too outlandish to me. The first group of things were just suggestions that she was making for the venues. The items in her hospitality room sounds pretty standard when you think of the riders of other singers and performers.

What do you think? Does it sound like Sheryl is being a bit of a diva or is she just trying to do her part to save the earth? Does the fact that she tours the country in tour buses make her a hypocrite?

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