Organic Bra with Pocket

I have been a runner for ages and am currently training for the New York City Marathon. I haven’t really thought too much about my clothing since you kind of need the synthetics for their wicking capabilities. Living in South Florida that is a must.

Anyway, Mi-bra has introduced a 90% organic cotton sports bra. It also includes a simple pocket that your iPod (I don’t run with music unless going over 12 miles or at the gym, btw) or a few bucks will fit into. It looks like a pretty straightforward no-frills sports bra and is reasonably priced at $20. It does not state if it wicks sweat or anything like that, so I will assume it doesn’t. This bra might not work for those of us in the lower half of the country, but I would maybe give it a try for a gym workout. Yoga, weight lifting. Stuff like that.

Has anyone tried out this bra?

Photo: Girl Habits

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