Thursday Ten

In my quest for my version of sustainability, I’ve decided that I need to get rid of a LOT of stuff. My place has not been cleaned out in years and my closets are bursting at the seams.

I like the idea of minimalism to a degree. I could never be one that lives out of a backpack or anything of the sort. I would not stop doing things that I enjoy to make it so I have less stuff. With that said, there is no reason for me to have 4 dead pairs of running shoes just sitting in my closet. Though I can’t run  in them anymore because they’re basically flat, someone else can get use out of them.

This is all very important since I live in a small (very small) 1/1 apartment. I don’t have the space to hold onto these items. Fortunately, I’m not one that gets sentimental about stuff, so this should be pretty easy for me. It’s just a matter of getting it done.

This week I got rid of the following:

1 x old router/modem that I found in the closet
4 x old running shoes  1 x old DVD player (it doesn’t even work. Why do I have it?)
1 x stupid bracelet given to me by some guy
1 x DJ Squibbles setup. (Don’t ask. My mom is a pack rat and gives me weird things
1 x Stupid shredder- I’m pretty bitter about this one. I just bought it in October and it is wrecked. Pffttt..
1 x Gio squeaky toy that he peed on. meh
1 x HUGE bag of clothing
1 x bag of random hair accessories that have not been used (or seen) in years

In the future, I’ll take a few pictures of items as they go. For the time being this will work.

Note:  Any items that are usable are being recycled/sold/given away on Craigslist or sent to charity. Only broken items (or things that Gio peed on that can’t be washed) are being disposed of properly.

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