My Weekend Without Oil

Since I hadn’t planned on going a weekend without oil, there were still a few things that I had to accomplish that required a car. Saturday, I had to hit the gym for a 6 mile run. (I usually run outside, but if I’m feeling injured or miss the very small window that I have to run in the morning due to the heat, then off to the gym I go.) My gym used to be in biking/running distance, but that one was $45 a month. I moved to the Bally’s up the street ($23) and though the distance is the same it is in a REALLY bad neighborhood (one of the worst in Broward County) and I don’t feel safe riding my bike up through there*. I’m actually trying to move to another gym since there have been numerous break-ins.

The other thing I did was go and stock up on a few fresh veggies at the grocery store. No biggie. Otherwise, I stayed home this weekend which is actually pretty normal for me. I don’t really run around a lot intentionally or not. It looks like I followed every thing on their list.

How did you do this weekend? Did you manage to make it a weekend without oil?

* I will have to do a post about my area at some time. In a nutshell South Florida is odd in that you can be in a “good” neighborhood and then right across a simple street is a “bad” neighborhood. Some neighborhoods are quite mixed due to gentrification and then the housing market issues.

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