Charity Junk Mail Lists

Determined to learn more about charities last year I decided to donate to a different charity each month. It wasn’t a lot of money. $20 – 25 each month to various charities to show my support. They ranged from the WWF to Planned Parenthood and everything in between. Overall, it was a great experience and I now give to a few of those throughout the year when I have cash available.

The downside to my philanthropist leanings? I get so much junk mail that it’s ridiculous. At least a piece a day if not more. Further, I get sent random bags, blankets, and my favorite – address labels.   Most of these solicitations go directly in the trash and it makes me not want to give to these charities. Wouldn’t it be better for the company to feed some homeless dogs rather than send me a blanket? (I’ll be sending the blanket to the battered women’s shelter. I’m sure they need it far more than I do.)

I understand that these companies need to solicit because they need my money to survive. If I were to get a once a year mailing of some sort I wouldn’t be so put off, either. What makes me even madder, though, is that it seems like other charities also got my name and information. I receive solicitations from companies that I’ve never even heard of.

With that said, it’s time to end this once and for all. I’m going to do a bit of research to see what needs to be done to stop this junk mail. I know there are paid services or something that you can use to do the job. At this point I’m ready to pay than see all of this waste. (It’s also just flat-out annoying.)

In case you’re curious which companies did NOT send me a bunch of junk they are and The Innocence Project.  Outstanding comapnies and doing great work!

I will NOT list the biggest offenders because I do think they’re great organizations and would hate to discourage anyone from donating.

What charities are near and dear to you? Do they bombard you with junk mail? What have you done to lower the amount of junk mail you receive?

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