Small Changes: Make My Own Veggie Burgers

As stated earlier, I do NOT cook. My ex loved to cook so I would come home from work to a nice home cooked meal. (He got off work around 3ish.) Once he left I had to figure out how to feed myself all over again. I reverted back to super simple foods. Salads, pasta, rice in the cooker, veggie burgers. Things like that. Prior to my ex, I eat very  simply because I lived in an apartment that did not have a microwave, oven, or range. (My dad eventually bought me those things. He was so over it! He also gave me a tv and stereo that I use almost 10 years later.)

Now I cook a bit here and there and am slowly becoming comfortable in the kitchen. I blame most of this on Mark Bittman’s superb cookbook How to Cook Everything Vegetarian.  I love this book and really should do a review. I think Bittman’s approach to food is great for those of us that aren’t foodies and don’t want to be!

Anyway, one of the processed foods that I buy way too often are veggie burgers. The brand varies depending on what’s on sale, but they are almost always in my freezer. They’re full of junk and use way too much packaging. Bittman gives a super simple recipe for a bean burger that I’m going to try. I *think* I can freeze them ahead of time and eat them daily.

I’ll let you know. This will be an experiment for me, but if it works it will be way healthier and produce far less waste. Yay!

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