What I’m Reading

It’s been a terribly busy week for me and yesterday I just did not have the time to sit down and post. Between marathon training, freelancing, my regular job, school starting next week I’ve been all over the place. It doesn’t really look like things are going to settle down anytime soon. Hopefully, I can wrap up the freelance work that I’m doing in the next few days, though. I want to get paid on that and get it out the door.

With that said quite a few things have caught my eye and I will be writing a bit more on a few items that caught my interest. Take a look at some of these links:

  • Subway will be working to “green” their product over the next few years. I honestly haven’t been in a Subway in years. I wonder if they still give you your sandwich wrapped in plastic.
  • Over at Inhabitat, they are doing a series called Packaging the Future. They’ll be taking a look at natural solutions to packaging. The first installment features the Whole Foods to-go packaging. Should be an interesting series.
  • At Sociological Images, they discuss conspicuous consumption. A company is now selling shoes that look like they have been in an oil slick. The proceeds are to go a wildlife fund, but what does it say about those that buy them. Further, is this just a marketing scheme for the company that produced the shoes?

There is more, but this should get you reading for a bit. I do have a couple of posts coming about some of my discomfort with the simplicity and green movements. I’m sure it can’t all be summed up in one post, but maybe I can just start getting some of the feelings I have out there and open up the discussion.

What are you reading on the interwebs? Any great links that I should read through?

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