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What’s Coming Up?

Whew….life is busy right now. It looks like it’ll be freeing up a bit after tonight. I have a lot of great posts that I’m researching and a couple of series that I want to do. A few topics that … Continue reading

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Small Victories: Greening My Office

I’ve worked in the same office for a few years. While I take my recyclables home for the most part, my boss does NOT believe in recycling for reasons that we won’t even begin to touch here. Anyway, I bring … Continue reading

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Lust! Reveal’s Boho Chic Balloon Bag

I’m not a terribly fashionable woman. I keep things pretty basic and to the point. With that said, I am working on overhauling my wardrobe. It’s been years since I’ve bought new clothes and I’m not overly happy with my … Continue reading

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Fresh, Healthy Food For the Masses

I stumbled across an article on the New York Times about the Roosevelt Community Farmers’ Market on Long Island. In a nutshell, this (as well as one other) farmer’s market goes into disadvantaged areas and sales basic fruits and vegetables. … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton Goes “Vegan”!

Here’s is former President Bill Clinton talking to Wolf Blitzer about the changes he’s made in his diet: Link not embedding, so go here: It seems that Clinton’s dietary change was sparked by his recent by-pass surgery. He says: … Continue reading

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Extending Week Long Challenge

I did ok with my week long challenge last week. I only went to the story once mid-week. Honestly, it was completely unnecessary and just a matter of habit. It’s almost like I have nothing better to do. That’s kind … Continue reading

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Quickie Post – A Little Proud

My little challenge for the week was to not go to the grocery store everyday afterwork. I’m proud to report that I only ran to the store once.  I made a little Whole Foods run. I made it out of … Continue reading

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