Vinegar Stinks.

We are constantly hearing about the many wonders and cleansing powers of vinegar. When I realized that my coffee maker could use a good cleaning I decided to go with plain old white vinegar. I also figured that a bottle would be good to have around so I could start experimenting with cleaning the house with it since I’m still not sure what I want to use for all purpose cleaning.

I filled up the coffee maker and unfortunately, the vinegar/water solution spilled all over my counter. I cleaned that up with random dirty towels and continued. I ran the vinegar through my coffee maker and noticed something. My house REEKED of vinegar. It still reeks of vinegar. Furthermore, I HATED the smell!

I then remembered that I’ve tried using vinegar as a home cleanser before. It was gross and I didn’t like it. I hate vinegar. I don’t eat it on my salad. I don’t cook with it or anything. The smell is a HUGE turn off to me. So, why would I try to use it to clean my house? I think there is a better smelling way for me to clean house (maybe not my coffee maker and rice cooker) and I just need to find them.

So, what do you clean your house with? Do you go the vinegar/baking soda route? Are you ok with the smell of vinegar?

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2 Responses to Vinegar Stinks.

  1. et says:

    I don’t yet but will use vinegar as my cleaner run out – but then I like the smell.
    Here’s someone who loves it:

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