Happy Labor Day!!!

Happy Labor Day, peeps! I hope you’re attending BBQ’s, hanging out at the beach, kicking it with your homies, or just flat out relaxing. If you’re at work, hopefully it’s not too painful.

I’ve been off for the last 4 days, but have been super busy. School started on Wednesday so I had quite a bit of work to do. I also had to meet with a client for a bit of freelance work. I put in a solid 8 hours at the running store on Saturday. (I only work there on an as needed basis. If they get in a pinch, the give me a call. I love working there, but just couldn’t do it every week.) In addition to all of that stuff, I managed to run 30 miles in 4 days!* I had an excellent 14 miler on Sunday.

So, how is my mission to clean up my diet going? It’s doing ok, but I did drink some wine over the weekend and didn’t eat as well as I wanted too.  I know I can do better and that the results will show in my running. The holiday weekend probably was not the best time to start this. Tomorrow is another day, so I’m not overly concerned.

How did you spend your holiday weekend? Do anything fun or exciting? Did you have to work?

* If you’re interested in reading more about my running (uber-boring) and just life in general check out my other blog, The Adventures of Geekgirl. I’ve been there for years!

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