Small Changes: Shop Once A Week

When it comes to getting groceries / buying home stuff I’m horribly unorganized. I go to the store almost everyday. It’s sort of ridiculous. I’ll decide that I want something for dinner that I don’t have and will head to the store, or I will realize that I need soap or toothpaste or something essential. It’s always something.

The problem with this is that every time I go to the store to pick up that one item, I end up buying several other items. Now, these aren’t “junk”. It’s generally more food. I have lots of food at home. Why do I need MORE food?

Due to this, I’m spending WAY more than I would like to on groceries and household items. What if I actually put together a nice list and look at my consumption honestly and only need to go to the store(s) once a week? Will I wind up saving $25 per month? 50? 100?

I KNOW that I always run out of salad mix, Perrier (my splurge), and sports drink.  Why don’t I buy enough for a week (or 2)? If I know that Gio is running low on doggie kibble, why don’t I go ahead and buy ahead rather than wait for him to be out of food and desperate to feed him? Same thing with toothpaste, soap, hair conditioner, etc. A little foresight can save me some coinage and perhaps show me that I don’t need all of this stuff. It will also make me use what I already have or be a bit more creative.

I’m putting together a large Target list and a full grocery list for sometime this week. (I don’t really need anything right now.)

How often do you get groceries or buy home supplies? Do you often run out of stuff? Do you just go without until your next shopping trip?

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3 Responses to Small Changes: Shop Once A Week

  1. LeahC says:

    I really want to get to the point where we can go to the store once a week. Sometimes we do it and then it’s great as we make it to Friday (you know pizza night in america 🙂 and then it’s the weekend. When we don’t make it on the weekend we eat out a ton and I hate it.

    I know my aunt used to make a menu for the week. (She had 5 kids so had to be somewhat organized). so she would say ok, i’m making these 5 meals this week and so get all those things. My cousin used to do the same thing and would put what meals she was going to make onto pieces of paper and then put them on her fridge, then should could just pull one off and make that knowing she had the stuff in the house.

  2. I hope to someday be that organized. My problem is that I don’t know what I want to eat from day-to-day. Ha!

  3. et says:

    I buy enough for a week or two. Hate shopping.
    A very ambitious blog on food storage etc:

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