Quickie Post: A Confession

The past couple of days have been ridiculously busy. School has started, I’m doing quite a bit of freelancing, and my marathon training is ramping up quickly.  My 9-5 job has been busy, too. I’m basically constantly moving and am often burned out by the end of the day.

Tonight, despite trying to stop my constant shopping and eating of “crap” (I use quotes because I still think my idea of “crap” isn’t that bad) I went to Whole Foods after work. The weird thing is I’m  not even sure why. I think I kind of wanted a delicious brownie or maybe some wine. Instead I got some mac and cheese, tofu, and a few other items. (Did you know that there is such a thing as almond butter with a touch of honey? Seriously!) All told I spent about $24. Not too bad, but totally unnecessary.

The Good: I did NOT buy any wine or sweets. I also managed to not spend too much money.
The Bad: I really did not need to go to Whole Foods. I have tons of food here. It was a pointless shopping trip.

I’m not beating myself up too much. Tomorrow is another day, right?

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