Friday’s will be fun posts around here. Music videos, random news, fashion. Stuff like that.

We’ve all seen TOMS Shoes. They’re the company that gives a pair of shoes to under-privileged children for each pair that you buy. While I think the shoes are semi-cute I’ve never bought a pair because they look so summery and my feet need to breathe in the summer/fall/spring time.

A couple of days ago, I was cruising the site just with the idea of buying a pair for the winter (this is South Florida and these could be cooler weather shoes, in my opinion…just go with it) I discovered these:

Super cute, no? I want a pair in every color!

Just as I was about to buy, I saw this:

• Heel-height is 3 1/4”
• Natural Canvas upper and lining materials for comfort and breathability
• Canvas lining with Moroccan-inspired pattern
• EVA insole for additional cushioning
• TOMS classic suede insole cover for long-lasting comfort
• Soft suede heel insert for added comfort
• Durable solid rubber outsole with “One for One” script design

Really, Tom? Suede in these, too? Sigh… I haven’t intentionally bought leather shoes in years.*

While they do offer vegan shoes, they are beyond ugly. Seriously. Take a look.

Maybe if the demand is high enough they’ll come out with a vegan version of these super cute wedges. Maybe I need to write an email.

Do you buy leather shoes? (It’s ok if you do. I do NOT judge.) If not, where do you find super cute shoes? I’m taking money up to New York with me so I can do some more shopping at Moo Shoes.

* I say intentionally, because though I don’t buy leather I also don’t always buy vegan. I’m sure my running shoes aren’t vegan. On the other hand, I don’t think there is any leather or anything in them. I’ll have to look.

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