Week Long Challenge

As I discussed at the beginning of the month, I’m trying to clean up my diet. In addition to cleaning up my diet, I would like to stop going to the grocery store every day. It’s a waste of both my time and resources.

Yesterday, I went to the grocery store and bought everything that I think I will need for the week. This includes hair conditioner, Gatorade, and numerous cleaning products that I might run out of this week. I truly have enough food to feed an army here. I have NO reason to go the store unless something truly unexpected comes up. I have veggies, proteins, breads. Everything.

The only place I need to go is Home Depot to buy something to unclog my bathtub drain. I’ve been using Drano, but would rather try something else. It’s just hair that’s clogging the drain so maybe some sort of drain unclogger thingy. (I have no idea what I’m talking about…maybe I should call my landlord.)

Can I make it a full week without hitting the grocery store or drug store for something? Oddly, when I was way poorer than I am now I NEVER went to the grocery store.

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2 Responses to Week Long Challenge

  1. LeahC says:

    this is gross…but you can probably use a plunger on your train. i’ve had to do that several times on some massivly clogged drains. what comes out of the drain might make you vomit though.

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