We Have to Start Somewhere

I’ve been reading blogs and information from the green and sustainable communities for quite some time. Oddly, many years ago I wanted to be an environmental scientist. This was a dream until I found out that I would have to actually pass science classes. Me + science = Not going to happen. I’ve always been a liberal arts type of girl.

Anyway, one of the things that upsets me a bit is the all or nothing attitude in the community. They want EVERYONE to buy food locally, hang their laundry to dry, start a compost heap, and to move to a walkable community so they can ditch their cars. There are many, many problems with this including the fact that not everyone wants to do these things, has the resources, etc.

Many people would be far more accepting of the green community if they would acknowledge the reality of many people’s lives. Giving up your car and hanging all of your clothes to dry is not a viable solution for everyone. Bigger still, it’s not something that everyone wants to do. Myself included. More energy efficient ways of doing stuff in modern ways is the way to go for mainstream America and is something that those that aren’t “green” will move towards. (For instance, my boss is kind of indifferent on the planet. However, when he bought a new washer a week or two ago he bought a high efficiency washer because it was available and he had heard about them. He was BLOWN away by how little water it uses and will replace his dryer with a more efficient model when it dies. That is progress in my opinion.)

Enter this new commercial from Nissan for their new car, the Leaf. Take a look here:

Of course, I think that it’s a cute commercial. When my lease is up on my Jetta, I would look at something like this as a permanent replacement if it’s in my budget.

Of course, there are already grumbles coming from the green community that there are far more efficient ways to get around. Such as by bike, of course. While I don’t argue this fact at all I realize it’s not a reality for everyone. Nor is it something that everyone wants to do. What if this commercial makes someone replace their gas guzzling SUV with an electric car in the next few years? Is that such a bad thing?

I actually have a whole lot more to say on this (the extremism in the community…not on the Nissan Leaf), but will leave it to another post.

Do you find the green and sustainability movement to be too extreme and exclusive for most Americans to grasp?

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