PUR Water Filters Aren’t Recyclable?

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I’ve been drinking tap water for over 5 years now. I used to have a Brita filter on my sink. When that broke, I just drank straight tap water. That stressed my mom and numerous others out, so I finally broke down and got a PUR pitcher. This is actually rather recent – maybe in the past 4 months or so. I was kind of ok with my tap water. Sure it tastes a bit "chemically", but it got the job done.”

It never really occurred to me to recycle my filters until the past month or so. Imagine the shock of finding out that you can’t recycle PUR filters. WTF? It appears that Brita filters are recyclable through Whole Foods or something, but PUR has not jumped on board with that.

I know the waste produced from one filter is far better than the numerous bottles that would be going to landfills, but I don’t understand why a company would not make sure that their product is recyclable in some sort of fashion. Particularly a product that many people choose to use for environmental reasons.

How are you handling your used water filters? Are you tossing them in the trash? Have you found another use for them?

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