Fresh, Healthy Food For the Masses

I stumbled across an article on the New York Times about the Roosevelt Community Farmers’ Market on Long Island. In a nutshell, this (as well as one other) farmer’s market goes into disadvantaged areas and sales basic fruits and vegetables. Corn, broccoli, tomatoes. Nothing special really. Every day food for those that don’t live in the type of community that has farmer’s markets, grocery stores, and the like readily available.

I’m happy to see that some are attempting to address the problem. If people can’t get to healthy food then they are not going to eat healthy. Make the food available and they will come.  I have 3 grocery stores in less than a 1 mile radius of my house. Make that to 2 miles and the number more than doubles. On the weekend I have a green market (seasonal I think) and an urban market about a mile from me. (I haven’t been able to check them out since I’m generally working.)

It’s easy for me to sit and wonder why some people just don’t eat healthier. Oddly, if I go a couple of miles on the other side of US1 – the non gentrified area – there is not a single real grocery store to be found. Nothing but fast food and  “corner stores”. If you don’t have a car, it’s really hard to go get groceries.

Do you have plenty of fresh, healthy food available in your area? Do you think something needs to be done so that everyone has healthy food readily available? Any idea how to do that?

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