Lust! Reveal’s Boho Chic Balloon Bag

I’m not a terribly fashionable woman. I keep things pretty basic and to the point. With that said, I am working on overhauling my wardrobe. It’s been years since I’ve bought new clothes and I’m not overly happy with my choices. Things are really worn out or weren’t very good quality to begin with. I’m trying to go for a bit more quality items and things that I REALLY love and won’t mind carrying for a bit longer. When it comes to purses, the past 4-5 years or so I’ve carried various Kipling bags. They’re cute, fashionable yet rather utilitarian at the same time. They work for my super casual beach bum look.

Today, I stumbled across this:

I love this bag! It’s recycled polyester and hemp. The zipper is 100% recycled polyester tape. Even better? The price isn’t that bad. $63 at Reveal.

Note:  I just noticed that is the sale price. It’s only available at that price for a limited time. The regular price is $89.

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