Small Victories: Greening My Office

I’ve worked in the same office for a few years. While I take my recyclables home for the most part, my boss does NOT believe in recycling for reasons that we won’t even begin to touch here.

Anyway, I bring my water with me to the office and bring my own mug. Still there are many, many things that could be recycled with just a bit of a better set up. Friday, I told my boss I would like to see us do a bit more recycling and he said ok…as long as he doesn’t have to do anything. That’s fine since there are only the 2 of us anyway.

My goal is to find something cute for him to drop throw-away paper in and for water bottles and Diet Coke cans. (We don’t really have a way to filter at this office and I have to be honest the sink water in the building freaks me out a bit, too. Thus the reason I bring my filtered water from home.) I also need to find him a microwaveable mug. I’m working on a small-budget for these items and will hopefully get some great pictures and stuff of my on-going project.

Is your office green? Is one person responsible for recycling items? Does everyone in your office participate?

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