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Quick Hit: Don’t Believe the Green

Just a quick post here since things have been “busy” here in GeekGirlLandia. An article in the Wall Street Journal confirms what I’ve always wondered: Most items claiming to be green contain at least 1 dangerous substance in them. Further, … Continue reading

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Quicken for Mac

One thing that many of you might not know about me is that I’m a finance nerd. I love working with my finances and getting the most bang for my buck. I think this is a huge component for those … Continue reading

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Small Changes: Slow Sundays

In an older article over at the Guardian, Satish Kumar writes about an idea that is not so foreign:  Slow Sundays. The suggestion is just to slow down. Use Sunday (or whatever day you choose) as a day of rest … Continue reading

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Quick Hit: Turning off My AC

I just have to share the fact that it is finally cool enough for Floridians to turn off their air conditioners. Woohoo!!! The past week or so,  it’s been nice and cool early in the mornings. About 70 or so, … Continue reading

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Week 2: Action Plan Checkup

I’m still working on my October Challenge learning how to cook. I’ve actually done a decent job with my goals, though I did shop for groceries entirely too much. Boo. Let’s see how things went: 3/7 entirely fresh dinners – I … Continue reading

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Needs v. Wants

Sorry for the inconsistency here. My laptop died and I have to use my desktop. Which isn’t bad. I just find that I don’t like to sit here unless I’m really working. Generally speaking I’m not much of a consumer. … Continue reading

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Mark Bittman Interview on How to Save More Time in the Kitchen

As we all know, I think Mark Bittman is awesome. His cookbook, How to Cook Everything Vegetarian has pretty much changed the way I cook and eat. I wish I knew about him sooner. He does not think that everyone … Continue reading

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