Week One: Action Plan Check Up

This week just blew by. I had some pretty aggressive, yet important goals to get me on the “learning how to cook” train. Let’s see how I did:

  • Get a real chef’s knifeDone! I bought a VERY nice Henckels. It was not cheap. (I was amazed at how easy it was to chop onions.)
  • Get a better chopping boardGot a cheap wood one for $7 at Target.
  • Make a shopping list based off a loose meal plan This one I kind of did, but could have done better. I just went to the grocery store knowing I was going to cook one specific dish. I should’ve also planned for the other days.
  • Prep as much food as possible right after shoppingI didn’t buy a lot that needed prepping this trip.
  • Only go to the grocery store once Epic fail!!! I didn’t make a proper list for all of the other stuff I would need or want for the week. I wound up going to the store twice. As well as to get Gio doggie food.
  • Make 2/7 dinners entirely fresh I’m going to make this green even though I used canned tomatoes which the recipe called for. Otherwise, the entire meal was fresh. I need to do another meal tonight to make it 2. Though, I’ve been eating meal 1 all week. (I’m officially sick of it.)

Overall, I would say that week one went very well. I’m happy to have gotten a real knife. I didn’t realize how dull mine was and how cheap my others were.  I do think in the future I will make half recipes of stuff. Here’s what I made this week:

It’s a simple baked ziti with mushrooms. It came out great and was more than enough food for the week. (I’m not even half way through it.) Next time, I will only make half. I’m actually sick of it.

Since my Action Plan went well this week. Let’s advance it a bit.

Week 2 – Action Plan

  • 3/7 entirely fresh dinners – Hopefully, we get this number up to 6 or 7 and then start tackling my lunches. (I usually eat a quick veggie burger or something.)
  • Try one random veggie. – Just grab something and figure out what to do with it. (I might be doing that tonight. I bought swiss chard.)
  • Create a shopping list with EVERYTHING I need. Even Gio.
  • Prep and cook all veggies and fruit for the week. – Due to my post yesterday, I now think I could stand to eat even more fresh fruit and veggies. I’m going to work on that.
  • Try to only hit the store once. – This is so hard for me.
  • Figure out what other tools will make my kitchen experiences easier – Apparently there is a lot that I don’t have in the kitchen. My pots are hand me downs, too. It’s time to start reviewing and figuring out what I need to make cooking easier for me.

Once again, all of these items are manageable, but will slowly move me towards feeling more comfortable in the kitchen.

Do you have any other items that you would suggest I invest in to make life in easier in the kitchen? What is your favorite tool?

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2 Responses to Week One: Action Plan Check Up

  1. et says:

    Simple eating:
    with many suggestions for [5 ingredients | 10 minutes]

    The minimalist kitchen

  2. LeahC says:

    we always get tired of leftovers too. We do try and freeze it though after a few days so that we can have it whenever especially on days that we dont’ have stuff for dinner.

    I’m trying to think of other things that help in the kitchen. We have this chopper thing that helps (jason was tired of buying butterfly bandaids when I kept chopping my fingers off with onions or tomatos 🙂 ).

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