Mark Bittman Interview on How to Save More Time in the Kitchen

As we all know, I think Mark Bittman is awesome. His cookbook, How to Cook Everything Vegetarian has pretty much changed the way I cook and eat. I wish I knew about him sooner. He does not think that everyone needs to be a chef or that food has to be complicated. He’s realistic about some of the challenges that many of us face in the kitchen and does not preach snobbery. Like others that I don’t really care for. (Starts with a P. Ends with an N.)

I was thrilled to read this interview with him on Lifehacker where they discuss more ways to save time in the kitchen. Exactly the type of thing that I love to read since I think that ALL time spent in the kitchen is a waste. (I have so many things that I would rather be doing, but one must eat.)

Are you a foodie? Do you love everything about cooking or do you just cook to eat?

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