Needs v. Wants

Sorry for the inconsistency here. My laptop died and I have to use my desktop. Which isn’t bad. I just find that I don’t like to sit here unless I’m really working.

Generally speaking I’m not much of a consumer. Outside of my problem with needing to go to the grocery store often, I don’t do a lot of shopping. I have never been one to just go shopping or randomly wander through stores looking for stuff to buy. (My mom does this. She loves to “shop”.)

Due to this shopping aversion (it might be more of a “spending money” aversion) it seems that I’ve let a lot of things pile up and now I want/need a whole bunch of bigger ticket items. Some of the things are NOT necessary. They’re just things that I want.  In order to get all of the important items I need to sit down and figure out what’s a “need” and what is a “want”. I have a pretty good idea.

For instance, I NEED a new pair of glasses. I should have gotten them last year and just really have not gotten around to heading to the eyeglass place and picking out a pair. (I’m thinking of ordering them online. I’m kind of scared, though.)

I WANT a bunch of new clothes, boots, a new TV, a netbook, etc. The list goes on. None of that stuff is necessary. Sure they’re all nice to have but I can continue without them as I always have.

I NEED a coat. Florida does not usually have coat wearing weather. Last year it got in the 30’s and I FROZE. I have a huge parka for hiking but nothing for in the city. I also have 0 sweaters or hoodies. (Yes. I’m a Floridian. Seriously.)

Over the next few weeks I will be doing some shopping and taking care of some of these needs v. wants. Hopefully, I don’t just go out and spend like crazy.

Are you a shopper? What’s on your “need” list and what’s on your “want” list?

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