Quick Hit: Turning off My AC

I just have to share the fact that it is finally cool enough for Floridians to turn off their air conditioners. Woohoo!!! The past week or so,  it’s been nice and cool early in the mornings. About 70 or so, but heating up to the mid-80’s as the day progresses. I usually would turn off the A/C in the morning and then wind up turning it on that evening since it was just too warm in the house for my taste.

Well, Sunday was the first day that my A/C was off ALL day and  night. It was glorious and the house didn’t get warm at all. We’re actually getting “fall” weather this year. Last year we had a heat wave with temps in the 90’s in December*. Seriously.

The awesome thing is that once it cools off, I don’t use heat or A/C. I could theoretically have 5-6 months of nothing running. It just depends on what type of year we have. (I needed heat last year, but my apartment does not have heat. Yes. It sucked and I thought I was going to die. I did manage to buy a heated blanket to sleep under.)

How is the weather where you are? Still hot? Time to turn on the heater?

* I fully understand that we could still get back up to normal temps. We really should be much warmer and more humid than this.

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