Quick Hit: Don’t Believe the Green

Just a quick post here since things have been “busy” here in GeekGirlLandia.

An article in the Wall Street Journal confirms what I’ve always wondered: Most items claiming to be green contain at least 1 dangerous substance in them. Further, there is no governing body that says what labels may be marked green or eco-friendly.

However, the marketing firm that did the research is a bit suspect. The study was done by two companies that offer “green certification” – TerraChoice and Underwriters Laboratories. It is in their best interest to get consumers to demand some sort of certification or easy way for us to know if a product is green.

What’s the bottom line here? Don’t believe everything you read. Do your homework on products. I’ll admit, that I’m clueless when it comes to what chemicals are good and bad for the environment and which products are actually green. I’ve expressed this here before numerous times.

So, what is the answer here? Do we need a governing body on this? Should it be a private company?

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