About this Blog

Sustainable GeekGirl is about my quest to find a more sustainable lifestyle. This includes finding things that fit into my current lifestyle and way of life. I want to do what I can to help the planet, but must also keep an eye on my wallet.

I also want to discuss where food politics, sustainability, and simple living intersect with race, class, and feminist issues.  I often feel that the green movement is not  inclusive of people of color and those that might not have the resources that others do. Everyone deserves good, clean food and can make small changes (with little money) to help the environment.

I also want to have some fun. Who wants to do something that is boring and serious all the time?

What this blog is not? A study in extremism. I will not be giving up shaving, getting rid of my car, only bathing every other day, etc. I’m interested in doing what I am doing in my life better. This might mean buying more natural products, eating less processed foods, riding my bike to work a few more days a week. I think things like that are manageable for most people.


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