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Green Fatigue?

According to this article in Ad Age, American consumers seem to be suffering from a bit of “green fatigue”. In the past 52 weeks, sales of bottled water ROSE 4% after a steady decline. The purchase of in-home water filtration … Continue reading

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Small Changes: Slow Sundays

In an older article over at the Guardian, Satish Kumar writes about an idea that is not so foreign:  Slow Sundays. The suggestion is just to slow down. Use Sunday (or whatever day you choose) as a day of rest … Continue reading

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Quick Hit: Turning off My AC

I just have to share the fact that it is finally cool enough for Floridians to turn off their air conditioners. Woohoo!!! The past week or so,  it’s been nice and cool early in the mornings. About 70 or so, … Continue reading

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Quick Hit: Can I Recycle My Toothbrush?

The other day, I realized it was time for me to replace my toothbrush. This got me to thinking: Is my toothbrush recyclable? I honestly had never thought about this. I did a little bit of research and it seems … Continue reading

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October Challenge: Learn to Cook

Wow is time flying. I can’t believe that it is already October. Last month, I attempted to clean up my eating. That did not go so well. The only thing that I really did on my list was kill off … Continue reading

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Our Throw Away Culture

Things are really, really busy here at the GeekGirl homestead. (I love how that makes it sound like I have a ranch or something and not just a little tiny apartment.) School, work, freelancing, running, blogging. I’m falling behind. Today, … Continue reading

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PUR Water Filters Aren’t Recyclable?

I’ve been drinking tap water for over 5 years now. I used to have a Brita filter on my sink. When that broke, I just drank straight tap water. That stressed my mom and numerous others out, so I finally … Continue reading

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